What we do

Isler AG is a trading company dealing in products for the meat industry. Our product range comprises around 1,300 items that are distributed to butchers, larger industrial companies (such as Bell), wholesalers and retail customers. Around 4000 consignments leave our shipping department every year.


About us

Our team of four can look back on many years of collaborative partnership and friendship. Our close teamwork makes communication easier and speeds up decision-making processes. We place great value on time together outside work, from barbecues to Ski Day and Family Day.


Where we work

Isler AG is based in a two-storey commercial premises just outside Winterthur. Our large warehouse with an office and conference room comprises around 400m². Selected items are made up, packaged and labelled in collaboration with the Winterthur workshop for the disabled.


Mr. J. Isler, the founder of the firm, set up a small workshop in Winterthur in 1885, where he made butcher steels.

The farmer, Jakob Zehnder helped him out, when need arose. A small trading shop developed, where he sold the steels together with a variety of other butcher supplies. Today the assortment includes around 1000 various articles.

In 1965 Mr. Karl Isler sold the workshop to his employees, Jakob and Bruno Zehnder, who continued the firm under the new name of "Mechanical Workshop J. + B. Zehnder", still producing mainly butcher steels.

A few years ago Hanskaspar Etzensperger, son­in­law of Mr. Bruno Zehnder, joined the business and took over the shares of Mr. Jakob Zehnder. The manufactoring plant is named now "Zehnder + Etzensperger".

In 1977 Mr. Karl Isler changed his trading company into K. Isler Ltd. and handed it over in 1983 to Mr. Bruno Zehnder jr. 

In our family enterprise there are today two firms working toge­ ther very closely.

In 2017 Mr. Bruno Zehnder handed it to his son Balz Zehnder.

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